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When Death Occurs Checklist:

You and your family must make many decisions and gather numerous facts and documents when a death occurs. We realize this is a very difficult time and want you to know we are here to help. Most of this information is required to complete the Death Certificate. Other information or documents will facilitate the smooth expedition of your request.

The following is a list of items of the deceased usually needed to complete Funeral Arrangements:
• Full Legal Name, Home Address
• Marital Status, Social Security Number
• Date and Place of Birth ( City and State or Parish and Country)
• Father’s Name, Mother’s first and maiden Name
• Highest Education
• Occupation (Job Title and kind of Business)
• Name Address and Telephone Number of Church
• Honorable Discharge Papers (DD-214)
• Recent Photograph
• Program Information: (Photo, Obituary, Order of Service and Poem)
• Insurance Policy (If Applicable)
• Name and Phone Number of Receiving Funeral Home ( Shipping )
• Name of Cemetery, Deed to Cemetery, Name of Grave Owner or Date and Name of person last buried in the grave
• For Shippers: Name of Cemetery, City and State or Parish and Country for International Shippers.
• Clothing: WOMAN: Dress (high neck and long sleeves), bra, slip, panties and hosiery. Shoes are optional. Hair-piece or Wig and jewelry (optional). We do not take responsibility for jewelry, therefore please use your discretion.

MEN: Suit, Shirt, Tie Undershirt, Brief or Boxer shorts and Socks.
Shoes are optional.

The Death Certificate:
A death certificate is a legal document signed by the attending physician or medical examiner indicating the cause of death and other vital statistics pertaining to the decedent. The funeral director will file the death certificate with the county or state and assist you with purchasing certified copies. Certified copies are needed to apply for benefits due family, to sell or transfer ownership of property, to gain access to safety deposit boxes and bank accounts.



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