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We all have been exposed to, or know of, someone who has family members who no longer speak to one another because of estate issues.

Pre-Planning a Funeral and Estate Planning are two subjects most people don’t want to talk about or deal with. Most of us take great pains during our lifetimes to plan for our wants and needs, such as: weddings, vacations, children’s education, new homes and retirement, but we fail to plan for our ultimate transition from this earth.

Effective planning is creating a blue print that carries out your wishes and instructs others as to how you would like your property distributed and handled during your life if you are incapacitated and after your death. For some, a basic Will might be appropriate, while for others more strategic planning might be required to effectively carry out the person’s desires.

Planning is not only essential for the wealthy, it is important for everyone. Taking an exam without studying, most people will fail, if an athlete does not practice or train that athlete will not be very successful. Preparation is the key.

Some benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral:
• Ensures a Peace of mind
• Allows an individual to make calm informed decisions
• Reduce some of the Emotional stress at a difficult time
• Help your loved ones avoid difficult decision-making at the time of death
• Eliminate some of the financial burden for your family
Engage the Services of Hosten Funeral Service, Inc. Our Funeral Directors are experienced professionals who can provide information and guidance to plan a fitting tribute.

Some benefits of Estate Planning:
• Updated documents e.g. beneficiary forms
• Your wishes will be adequately communicated
• Instructs the appropriate guardian as to how to distribute your assets
• Allows an individual to minimize the Estate taxes and the bulk of you Estate will be protected for you beneficiaries
Engage the services of an attorney and/or an estate or financial planning professional to assist you with creating a plan that is needed for your particular situation. Among the basic Vehicles that are used to carry out your desires are: Powers of attorney, Medical directives, Trusts, Wills and Life Insurance.



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